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Warranty Info

We strive to keep a 100% satisfaction rate for our customers, therefore, we provide a lifetime warranty on the cloning service*. More details on this below. If you choose to purchase a replacement ECU from us you will receive a 90 day warranty on that ECU as well*.



*Lifetime Warranty

We like to keep it simple. If for any reason you need this cloning procedure performed again on the same vehicle at any point in the future we are here to help. For your convenience we keep a stored software image of your ECU in a database. Therefore, in the unfortunate event you need this cloning process performed again, you will only need to either send us a new replacement ECU or purchase a new replacement ECU from us here. If you choose to send us a new replacement ECU you must enclose $15 cash in an envelope inside the package with the replacement ECU to cover return shipping and handling charges. If you choose to purchase a new replacement ECU from us shipping and handling are already included in the price and you will receive a new 90 day warranty on the replacement unit. Our same turnaround time applies to our warranty service. 


*60 Day Replacement ECU Warranty

Our replacement ECU's come with a 60 day warranty. If within 60 day's your replacement ECU (purchased from us) goes bad we will replace it free of charge minus shipping and handling*. The warranty works as follows:

*First 30 days failure (DOA) - we will pay for return shipping via USPS priority mail as well as shipping and handling costs to return the new replacement to you.

*Day 31 to Day 60 - you will be responsible for return shipping to us however we will pay for the shipping and handling of the replacement unit. 


12 Month Extended Warranty Option's

We offer an extended warranty option to covered for 12 months. If you purchase one of these warranties and your unit fails within the specified period we will flash you a new replacement unit and cover all shipping and handling charges. We can send a replacement unit right away with a deposit of $200 which will be returned within 24 hours of receiving the faulty ECU or you can choose to wait until we received the faulty ECU for us to ship the replacement to avoid the deposit. To purchase an extended warranty choose the dropdown on the cloning product page and choose the option that includes the 1 year warranty.


Warranty Claims

For all warranty claims, please fill out the form here and write "ECU Warranty" in the subject line. In the body please include the serial number on the back of the Faulty ECU as well as what is wrong with the ECU and your phone number. We will reach out to you via phone call for the fastest service.